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Merkur gets greener!

Clean electricity with our photovoltaic system Solar cells as our reliable supporters!   The climate, environmental protection and sustainability have long since become a topic of public discussion. Rethinking starts on a small scale: with oneself.   That’s why we, the Hotel Merkur, would like to invite you to join us in saving CO2 – on business trips, on vacation and in everyday life.   One step towards sustainability for us was the installation and use of a Photovoltaic system, “made in Germany”, with which we cover a large part of our electricity consumption, namely 30000 kWh. The sun in beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate is not enough to generate electricity? Oh yes!   During the day, photovoltaics produces clean energy itself, no matter whether the sky is cloudy or clear, whether it’s raining or foggy.   Conventional fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce – for this reason it is important to think about supplementing these resources with renewable energy in the long term. With the help of solar energy, we can generate a significant amount of electricity and heat – we now save up to 20 tons of CO2 every year.   From a technical point of view, photovoltaics has the greatest […]

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